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Beaufort Naval Armorers Signal Cannons


Cast Iron Eprouvette Mortar 1 Cast Iron Eprouvette Mortar 2
Cast Iron Eprouvette Mortar 3

Cast Iron Eprouvette Mortars

The original Eprouvette Mortar design was used in the 1700's and 1800's for testing and grading of black powder. “Beaufort Naval Armorers' Eprouvettes” are custom castings made exclusively for Beaufort Naval Armorers. They are the only BNA cannon type or style that is manufactured from castings. (All other BNA cannons are machined and manufactured from rolled shaft stock.)

Cast iron Eprouvettes are cast from high strength ductile, or nodular, iron. The mortar base is part of the casting. They are heavy and weigh just over 9 lbs.

The bores are drilled to be golf ball size.

Each BNA mortar is lathe bored to assure structural integrity and a clean smooth bore. The powder chamber and vent are then added, and the outer surfaces of the cast iron Eprouvettes are spray painted with black enamel.

BNA Replica Eprouvette Mortars are very strong pieces.  They are also a very convenient size. The BNA mortar design has been high pressure safety tested by Beaufort Naval Armorers with iron shot that cleared a one third of a mile range.  A golf ball fired from an Eprouvette may exceed 400+ yards.

The BNA Cast Iron Eprouvettes are slightly larger that the BNA Bronze Eprouvettes. Due to being iron, they are priced lower than the bronze.


View the eprouvette mortar pricing page for more information

Weight is 9 Lbs.

Height is 5 1/8” - Length is 5 ¾” - Width is 3½”