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About Baufort Naval Armorers

Signal Cannons and Replica Cannons for races, celebrations, and marine communication…

EprouvetteEngineered and pressure tested for strength, reliability, and extra loud reports, there are no better quality replica cannons being manufactured than Beaufort Naval Armorers’ cannons. BNA cannons are superior quality and classy… the “Rolls Royce” of signal cannons. There have been no complaints about BNA quality in 25 years! BNA cannons have a Lifetime Warranty on machined parts which have been properly maintained and not abused.

BNA cannons are individually machined from bronze or stainless steel shaft stock, and occasionally ordnance steel. BNA cannons can be manufactured as black powder muzzle loaders, or breech-loaders. Breech-loaders fire shells. Several breech mechanism designs are available. Breech-loaders retain the appearance of muzzle loaders with the loading mechanisms being hidden. The cannon barrels may be swivel mounted or mounted in a carriage. The most requested barrel style is traditional English pattern. Swivel mounted cannons are usually installed in a bushing on a rail (ship or porch). They can be stored or displayed in a wooden base.

Beaufort Naval Armorers’ cannons are individually custom made, they are not production items. They are individually signed artisan items and highly collectible. This means that the buyer can select the shape of the barrel, the way in which it is mounted – swivel or carriage, metal type, size, breech type, and special requests can be accommodated as well as custom accoutrements being available. We also keep ten to twenty various styles of cannons in stock if someone “needs it now”. Prices are quoted upon request.